Everything You Need to Know About Flatbed Shipping

You may have heard of flatbed shipping if you’ve ever needed to send huge or bulky things. Shipping and transporting freight is critical to the success of many enterprises.
Almost every industry, including automotive, construction, industrial, military, and others, requires freight transportation to convey their supplies. However, some of these items are too large to fit into a conventional truck trailer. For oversized and bulky loads, flatbed freight transportation is the solution. It can be a cost-effective option for industrial shippers. Also, for the individual shipments of huge products that are too large for LTL delivery. Flatbed shipping rates are also much less than others.


What is Flatbed Shipping?


A flatbed is a type of transportation equipment that consists of an open trailer with no roof and no sides. Flatbed trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many carriers utilize them because of their versatility. Flatbed shipping transports freight that doesn’t fit into typical truck trailer specifications. Also, which cannot be enclosed in a dry van and can’t be loaded or unloaded from a pier. The shape of a flatbed allows cranes and forklifts to load products at any angle.

For the transportation of big and overweight freight, Flatbed trailers come into use. They transport machine tools, automobiles, and construction vehicles. For instance, for cargo that doesn’t fit into a conventional LTL vehicle, flatbed shipping is the fix.


Different types of Flatbed Trailers

There are many different types of flatbed trailers to choose from. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each has its own set of applications. The following are the most common flatbed trucking choices.


Flatbed Shipping


1. Step Deck Trailers

Step-deck trailers are a type of flatbed trailer with a step on the flatbed surface. They’re also known as drop deck trailers. They’re great for situations when a normal flatbed isn’t an option, usually owing to height limits. They have the ability to transport freight that is very tall (up to 10 feet high).

2. RGN Trailers

RGN (Removable Gooseneck) trailers have a removable neck. This attachment converts into a ramp quickly, allowing the equipment to be driven on and off the truck. RGN trailers are capable of transporting goods weighing thousands of pounds.

3. Stretch Trailer

Many flatbed shipping companies also provide a stretch trailer, which can ‘stretch’ to accommodate extra-long cargo. This is an extra-long trailer that transports extra-long items like pipes, uncut lumber, or other raw materials.

4. Conestoga

A flatbed/dry van combination, the Conestoga trailer. A Conestoga is a flatbed trailer with an accordion-style tarp. On one end that allows you to load it like a flatbed. Then unscrunch it to entirely shield the shipment.

These are some of the popular types of trailers used for flatbed Shipping. However, many other variations are also used.

Benefits of Flatbed Shipping

  • Flatbed trucking is a popular choice. Since it allows for the shipment of a variety of huge and diverse commodities in a single load. Also, flatbed shipping rates are cost-effective for huge bulky cargo transportation.
  • Flatbed trucks are relatively straightforward to load. Because there are no physical walls, Flatbed trucks load from either side. As well as from the top and back, unlike dry van trailers, which can only load from the back.
  • It also makes loading large equipment or machinery much easier. A winch or lift may usually be used to load freight onto the truck from any side. It makes loading/unloading items and shipments much easier.
  • Because a flatbed trailer has no walls or ceiling, flatbed shipping allows for some dimensional flexibility for huge freight. It is lighter, allowing for cargo weights of up to 48,000 pounds (as opposed to the usual 42,000-45,000).

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