To create a work environment for team to provide high quality service to customers on time with clarity and courage. We will meet and exceed our customer's trust of service through prompt communications and quality information.

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Our seamless experience over the road and intermodal services enables us to provide the best freight services to move goods all over the U.S. Combining human expertise with cloud technology. We offer lower costs and creates a better customer experience.


We always work to enhance the supply chain system by improving our technologies day by day to provide effectiveness and efficiency to the logistics system. That means you'll calculate us to bring our technology know-how to the table to assist solve your transportation challenges.

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About Our Company

National Freight Logistics, Inc.

based in Fresno, California is a National Shipping Company i.e. licensed Freight Forwarder. When it comes to experience, our company fits the bill. Each member of our executive leadership team has hard-earned industry experience to the table. With a proven past record of positive results at every point, this cream group sets the tone for smashing performance and sustained excellence. NFL is intensely focused on customer service. We are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our business partners. In turn, they have recognized our efforts with trust within our services.

Our company encourages networking among its members and promotes the image of the trucking industry through our services. NFL is the foremost organization for third-party logistics professionals doing business in America. It provides resources, education, information, advocacy and connections to establish.

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Serving the Nation Better

Serving the Nation Better.

National freight logistics is a company, working with a motive to serve the clients in a safe and improved manner. The company always strives to put forward the users with best transport assistance...

The need for the logistic company

The need for the logistic company.

The need and significance of the logistic company can be easily understood, when someone looks at the functions and the liabilities, entrusted to them by the...


Logistic and supply chain management can be seen at every level of business, either its top level or lower level, we have presence of logistic and supply chain management....

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