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Its Time for You to Make a Wise Choice and Choose "National Freight Logistics", One of the Top Logistics Company as Your 3PL Service Provider

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We are a 3PL company leading worldwide that can engage you to evolve in an increasingly variation industry. Our highly esteem prevalent assistance, going the additional mile to guarantee that our clients know who do they need to reach out to for their freight. We meet our customer's business objectives through altered arrangements utilizing the most recent innovation and top-notch administrations. We have a diverse, brought-together transportation place where we link you to our services like full truckload, less truckload, intermodal and other logistics arrangements expected to take your business network further and quicker. Join with us for your logistics, and we can construct a production network answer for your business, regardless of the size.

Top Logistics Companies

FTL Full TruckLoad

Full Truckload is a core offering from the National Freight Logistics Inc. and we occupy the best service providing position in the segment for freight logistics. We specialized in the migration of large quantum of consignment of freight in local, and regional areas. Our premium customer support services are proficient in customer account handling with a tailored solution for shippers in every business type and size.

3PL California

LTL Less than Truckload

The market trends are evolving and so are your approaches to ship smaller and more frequent orders. National Freight Logistics Inc. offer LTL shipment mode to manage the budget for smaller shipments without sacrificing the speed. We bring all the less than truckload essentials together in one place for you as LTL shipments become more significant for e-commerce, retail and home delivery options.

Third Party Logistics


National Freight Logistics Inc. is one of the leading intermodal freights transportation located in Fresno, California. We provide optimum quality of intermodal services that include composition, transfer, interchange, and decomposition of goods. Our work ethics are safe, secure, and reliable so that one can avail our services with no hassle involved in the process.

Logistics Services

Warehousing Services

As a leading 3PL, National Freight Logistics Inc. has made significant advancements in warehouse management system to enable our customers to have secure and safe storage for their shipments. Our cross docking, trans loading, and warehousing services offer flexibility and quickness that you need for your business. Our technology allows you to maintain worldwide inventory, transaction visibility and offers remote access to key inventory processes.

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