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Freight Transportation Services Index

Economic Indicators are essential for understanding, analyzing and predicting trends that come and go in an economy and maintaining a healthy, functional system. Since freight transportation is a vital component of supply chains and resultantly, the economy of the US, there are several indices designed by the government to examine the trends affecting the country.

Trends and Strategies in Supply Chain Management

The supply chain system was not really a different story before the pandemic came along. Rather, we became more aware of this complex order and how it functions, its inadequacies and flaws during that time.

Impact on freight by the gas tax holiday

Fuel rates in the USA are standing stubborn at historically high rates in the summer of 2022. With the highest recorded average of diesel prices at $5.816 on the 19th of June, inflation has hit the economy hard. Freight movement is suffering consequent upon the truck drivers having a hard time filling up their gas tanks on a limited budget.

Relationship Between Freight Brokers And Shipping Companies And Misconceptions

Freight Brokers are the third party logistics service provider who performs as a connection between the shipping company and carrier companies. Freight brokers play a very crucial role in the national transportation industry of the United States. They are imperative connectors of the shippers in movement of freight and serve in transporting the freight in a more pragmatic and cost-effective way.

How Supply Chain Management Services Can Increase Your Profit

Supply Chain Management services provide the supervision of resources and materials from the process of manufacturing till the end distribution of the product to the final customer. The supply chain professionals grant their services to the company’s bottom line by utilizing and managing a diverse network of people, resources, and technology infrastructures. An unprecedented supply chain management network supports development processes that create a viable advantage in the market of demand and supply.

Seven Top Risks of Freight Transportation Services

The transportation industry is prone to risks of every demeanour. The professionals of the freight transportation services industry must be informed and prepared of the unknown vulnerabilities. Such risk factors pose an immense potential risk in the process of business. The factors can be named as driver shortages, disputes in international trading, theft of cargo etc.

Choosing the Right Logistics Company for Your Truckload Shipping

All shipping companies have their strengths and expertize. Each one specializes in its own set of services, equipment, or alley. You could spend hours researching your options until you find an appropriate combination of service and price. You can also compare rates and services from all the full truckload shipping companies near you at a particular time.

What is a Third Party Logistic Service Provider?

A 3PL provider is a professional service provider who offers a diverse range of services namely warehousing, storage, wholesale, distribution, transportation and retail services for the existing demands of the proficient customers. The 3rd party logistic service providers offer end to end management of business operations which are outsourced to them by their customers. The 3 party logistic service providers play a vital role in the supply chain management and several other logistics businesses all around the world.

The Major Differences Between Freight and Logistics Management

Freights are generally goods transported in bulk and the physical operation of transportation of goods from one place to another is known as freight forwarding. The process involved in the administration and regulation of freight transport is known as freight management. The process of freight management supports in executing cost-effective strategies for the deliveries of goods. Freight management combines processes of human resources with the technical operations of freight transportation. This sequence of processes syncs the schedules of shippers and carriers.

Factors to Consider When Getting a Full Truckload Quote

In the United States, full truckload (FTL) freight shipping is the most used method for shipping goods. FTL freight shipping is used when a business has enough cargo to fill an entire truck, as compared to less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping. The form and volume of product being delivered, for the most part, has no bearing on the truckload rate as long as the standard freight insurance is in place and the total weight is less than 45,000 pounds.

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