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Reasons for truck drivers to switch to refrigerated freight

The truck driver shortage has resulted in more value and more job openings for truck drivers in 2022. The truckers are an ongoing asset of the American economy because they successfully transport goods from one part of the country to another part of the country.

As the American economy is back to normal after the pandemic, the prospects of a truck driving career are higher than ever before, especially if you are looking to haul refrigerated freight. There is an increased need for medicines, frozen goods, and more, therefore the nationwide demand for refrigerated freight is also higher than ever.

Why do Truck Drivers like to haul Refrigerated Freight?

The following reasons will explain why carriers are switching to refrigerated carriers and why standard truck drivers are transitioning into refrigerated semi-truck carriers.

Dignity in added responsibilities:

The reefer driver carries a clear understanding and checks the goods regularly. It means that you have all the necessary information about the freight and you know that the freight needs a specific temperature setting. The maintenance of a refrigerated trailer is very important and you need to know how to maintain the diesel fuel for a cooler trailer and how to properly maintain a reefer cooler unit. Refrigerated transportation services are very impactful for both society and the economy, therefore the appropriate transportation of frozen or cold goods is vitally important.

Higher Compensation:

It takes more skills and abilities to work as a truck refrigerated unit driver. Therefore, you will relish the higher per-mile pay and you will be delivering more consistent freight and more time on the road, which means higher prospects of salary.


Once you become an expert in hauling refrigerated freight, you will be able to haul a variety of types of freight. It signifies that your training is more enhanced and transferable.

Longer Average of Hauls:

The refrigerated truck drivers and carriers haul a higher average of loads than dry van, port & rail, and flatbed drivers. The reefer drivers on average get 700-900 miles per haul in comparison to 500 miles for the dry van drivers. The reefer drivers are privileged with 150-200 miles more on average. The refrigerated truck routes deliver drivers more miles in the week. The reefer drivers get higher miles per week which signifies that they are taking more advantage of the available driving hours than other types of hauls.

Higher Pay Per Mile:

The refrigerated truck drivers on average get more per mile than dry van and flatbed drivers. The reefer drivers average 2-3 cents more per mile. When combined with an average of 150-200 miles per week, the reefer drivers are entrusted with an opportunity of increasing pay in two ways, therefore in each trip, they earn more.

Steady annual demand:

The demand for refrigerated products is steady all year around. Produce, medicine and other industrial-related products do not have a drop in demand. On very rare occasions the companies have "in-season" or spikes in the demand for the product. Refrigerated transport services and refrigerated trucking companies rarely experience swings in the demand cycle. The reefer drivers are rarely looking for a trailer due to steady demand and less dependence on foreign production.

Truck Refrigerated Unit Hauls Dry Loads too:

Refrigerated truck drivers have a significant advantage over other truckers in that truck refrigerated units can transport dry hauls too. The refrigerated trucks can normally carry the same payloads as dry vans, thereby making them ready to accept any kind of freight or hauls. The reefer drivers can go from refrigerated products to dry products because it signifies that the truck is making money more regularly.

Qualities of a Reputed Refrigerated Transportation Services:

If you consider becoming a refrigerated freight driver as a progressive step in the career path, then you must glance at the following qualities which make up a good reefer driver.

Detailed Attention:

The reefer drivers cannot ordinarily assume that the load is right and ready to hit the road. The refrigerated transportation unit must pay attention to the smallest of detail otherwise any lack of awareness could ruin the product that is being transported. The drivers who deliver optimum performance are the ones who pay attention to the minute details.


You might have to get assertive on occasion as a reefer driver to ensure that the product is handled appropriately.


There will be many situations where you will need to be flexible and friendly as a refrigerated driver.

Part of Something Bigger:

The reefer driver will build solid relationships with trainers, dispatchers, and co-workers. Therefore, you will be part of a family and a team.


If you are on the lookout for opportunities for growing your career in the dynamic trucking industry, the profession of a reefer driver is the next progressive step for your trucking career.

There is an ever-increasing demand for truck refrigeration units, refrigerated carriers, and refrigerated transportation services. National Freight Logistics relates to all kinds of produce customers and exporters, and we have a steady stream of refrigerated shipments all year round. Contact us today for more information.