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The Major Differences Between Freight and Logistics Management

What is a Freight?

Freights are generally goods transported in bulk and the physical operation of transportation of goods from one place to another is known as freight forwarding. The process involved in the administration and regulation of freight transport is known as freight management. The process of freight management supports in executing cost-effective strategies for the deliveries of goods. Freight management combines processes of human resources with the technical operations of freight transportation. This sequence of processes syncs the schedules of shippers and carriers.

What is Logistics?

Logistics is the full-scale course of storage and transportation of commodities, goods, and cargoes to the eventual destination. Logistics is one of the key aspects of the supply chain management industry which includes supervision and execution of forwarding and distribution of cargos, goods, and services from the source warehouses to the final receiving destinations. Freight logistics services include all the processes of outbound and inbound management of goods and commodities which are transported from one place to another. The process of logistics includes all the activities of warehousing, material handling, outlining the logistics network, inventory management, supervision of supply and demand, and strategizing of third-party service providers for adequate communication in the business network.

Difference between Freight and Logistics?

Freight is the bulk transportation of goods from the source destination to the terminal destination. Logistics is the base mechanism through which the process of freight transportation develops. Basically, logistics is the overall process of how resources and commodities are stored, transported, and acquired from one place to another. The management process involves the identification of forthcoming distributors and suppliers for optimal determination of their persuasiveness and effectiveness.

Different Types of Freight Logistics Services.

  • Inbound Logistics: Inbound Logistics is referred to as the maneuvering of goods and commodities from the suppliers to the production sites. It includes storage and transportation of products of distinct demands and information from the suppliers, across the warehouse to the eventual industries for production and rectification.
  • Outbound Logistics: Outbound Logistics is the migration of finished products from production facilities to the adjacent supply chain links. The process of outbound logistics is carried out for order fulfillment purposes which means the movement of goods from warehouses to the consumption centers which are generally prospective buyers of goods and services.
  • Reverse Logistics: Reverse freight logistics services is referred to as the movement of items or goods from the end-users back to the supply network. The process mainly occurs in the scenarios of returns of products that need an exchange, servicing, refurbishing, recycling, or disposal.
  • Third-Party Logistics: The shipping companies which outsource their transportation of goods to certain freight forwarding agencies are known as third-party logistics providers. Third-party logistics services improve the coherence of the supply chain operation of the shipper by offering simpler solutions. Third-party logistics often minimize the risk and resources of the shipper.

Supply Chain Management Services.

The sum total of all activities involved from the production of the product to the delivery of commodities to the final consumer is known as the Supply chain network. The planning of product, demand, and supply in accordance with inventory management is known as Supply chain management. The supply chain management services include all the supply activities of business streamlined for maximization of the value of services among the potential customers for procuring adequate competitive advantages in the dynamic marketplace.

The services in Supply Chain Management includes:
  1. Logistics Management: The end-to-end management of supply chain activities like inventory management and transportation of commodities is conducted through services of logistics management. It ensures that business processes function perfectly to enhance customer service. If logistics operations of the supply chain solutions industry function optimally, new possibilities of profit maximization arise for the ongoing businesses.
  2. Supply Chain Data Management: The data of every supply chain industry carries confidential reports and information. The reports are baseline mechanisms for conducting business activities. If the data is procured effectively there will be no leaking or stealing of confidential information. The supply chain data management guarantees procured security of all the bits of data of the business organization.
  3. Demand Management: The supply chain management services support effectively managing the demand of the business organizations. If the demands in the supply chain industry are regulated completely, it becomes very easy to embrace every need of the customer.
  4. Supply Planning: The management services of the supply chain network guarantees effective planning and distribution of commodities from source to destination. The planning involves suitable handling of paperwork, route formulation, and successful deliveries to prospective customers.

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