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National Freight Logistics, Inc.

based in Fresno, California is a National Shipping Company i.e. licensed Freight Forwarder. When it comes to experience, our company fits the bill. Each member of our executive leadership team has hard-earned industry experience to the table. With a proven past record of positive results at every point, this cream group sets the tone for smashing performance and sustained excellence. NFL is intensely focused on customer service. We are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our business partners. In turn, they have recognized our efforts with trust within our services.
Our company encourages networking among its members and promotes the image of the trucking industry through our services. NFL is the foremost organization for third-party logistics professionals doing business in America. It provides resources, education, information, advocacy and connections to establish. It maintains and expands ethical profitability in growing businesses service to their customers.

About NFL Freight

If you need something to be delivered to your business or at home, don't worry we are there for you at your doorsteps we'll take care of it—every step of the way. Whether you're in technology, communications, financial services, electronics, healthcare, industrial, retail or furniture you can count on us. NFL Specialized Transportation is dedicated for using leading-edge technology and to ensure shipment, product visibility to bring the power of information to you.
Our operative and systems are setup to be EDI efficient and we have created different operational teams- to service each customer for 24 by 7 around the clock updates, help with pending issues and any emergency assistance.
For you to work efficiently and cost-effectively, you would like a fanatical transportation services provider which will meet your challenges with fresh, innovative solutions. You need National freight Logistics INC. We offer a variety of services—from a completely dedicated fleet to a single-source transportation network. Our expertise in logistics means you’ll never lose your competitive edge.

NFL Dedicated Services specializes in serving customers who need to transport:
  1. Manufacturing raw materials/finished goods
  2. Bulk cargo
  3. Less than truckload (LTL) freight
  4. Glass
  5. Automotive vehicles and parts
  6. Steel/Aluminium
  7. Retail items
  8. Lumber
What sets NFL apart:
  1. We bring together all aspects of the NFL family of companies to provide a customized dedicated solution designed for your specific needs.
  2. Solo or teams, from van to flatbed, specialized trailers or bulk containers.
  3. We have the hands-on experience and expertise to understand your needs.
  4. Providing 24/7 customer service access.
  5. Dedicated to your transportation needs
NFL INC. is a big promoter of SmartWay, a public/private collaboration between the US EPA and the freight transportation industry. We are committed to SmartWay's target of helping freight shippers, transport companies, freight shipping services, carriers, and logistics companies to help refine fuel-efficiency and conserve money. We encourage our vendors to become members of SmartWay to help protect the well-being of our planet and bright future for development.


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