Coronavirus: Impact on Freight Transportation Services

The world has been turned upside down, having seen the worst by the coronavirus pandemic. Life as we knew it, altered dramatically. We now face new difficulties in every aspect of society.  As a result, the Freight transportation services have been too affected by these rising difficulties. Freight transportation services are the backbone of global trade and the economy. The Covid-19 has forced us to find new normals in our life, similarly, we need to find the new normal in the freight transport sector. Despite being hit severely by the pandemic, we can stay afloat and navigate through the storm with some appropriate strategies. 


How Covid-19 is affecting the freight transportation services/industry?


The world economy has been badly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, which has had a global impact on us. Freight transportation services are a major industry in almost every country on the planet. It is also an important aspect of practically every industry’s supply chain. As a result of covid, it has also been hit hard. We rely entirely on the shipping industry to convey food, medicine, and other essentials across the United States. Therefore, freight transport is completely reliant on the production output to secure cargo. But with lockdowns and closed factories, coronavirus has put a strain on the freight transportation services

The COVID-19 has had a direct impact on logistics companies including those that deal with the freight transport, storage, and flow of goods. Logistics organizations enable trade and commerce by assisting businesses in getting their products to clients, both within and across international borders. Hence,  Air and ocean freight have halted and been severely impacted. However, road freight has continued to operate, with the exception of states/countries under severe lockdown. Rail transport, on the other hand, has been intermittently available inside the country for essential supplies. As a result, the pandemic’s supply chain disruptions have a consequence on the freight transportation services. Also on its competitiveness, economic growth, and employment availability. 



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How to navigate through this Covid storm? 


The coronavirus pandemic is a situation nobody imagined, nobody prepared for. Therefore as a logistics provider, we must prioritize proactivity, adaptability, and the development of effective methods. However, there are things you can do as a shipper to guarantee that your logistics flow runs smoothly. Here are five pointers to help you survive the corona storm. 


1. Maintain open lines of communication with your freight logistics and customers.

Keep in touch with your freight transportations services broker. Stay up to date on the shipping schedule and see whether the rate is slowing down. Inform your logistics supplier of the quantities of your expected products. Consequently, inform your clients of any potential delays.



2. Preparation is key; schedule your shipments ahead of time.

Many logistics partners are unable to make last-minute bookings. As a result of changing scenarios and availability, arrange your shipments before. Ensure room for your cargo by booking a few months ahead of time.  


3. Shipping any special cargo? Reserve early shipments

Do you have cargo that necessitates extra height or space in containers? Perhaps you require containers with a high cube count, an open-top, or a flat rack? Make sure you reserve your shipments with your freight transportation services ahead of time.


4. Plan ahead – create a buffer for high season.

You should also budget for peak seasons like Golden Week, Christmas, and New Year. Ensure space for your items, collaborate with your manufacturer. Request a prediction from your freight transportations services broker beforehand. 


5. Think about a different shipping service and route.

Choosing a multimodal transportation service with somewhat longer transit times can sometimes pay off. Traditional services with shorter transit times are generally overbooked. Therefore, inquire with your freight transportations services broker. If there’s the possibility of utilizing a different shipping provider or route. 


What does the shipping industry’s future hold?

Even for the next few months, it’s tough to make a forecast of these uncertain times. The worldwide shipping sector has been affected. It will be for a long time because of the coronavirus. Thus, all we can do is continue to adjust to changes. Though in the meantime, there are a few things we can anticipate as we move forward in 2021. 


  • Depending on the impact of the coronavirus, freight prices are likely to remain high. Cargo handling may lag even more.
  • Cargo inspections and border controls will likely increase. Also logistics costs, as a result of temporary trade barriers and export limitations. 
  • Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the sector continues to be influenced by digitalization. 
  • Lockdowns and closed operations have been particularly damaging to complex global value networks. As a result, shorter supply chains. Including an increase in alternative transportation services such as nearshoring. 


However, we choose to look to the future with optimism. We hope that the coronavirus storm will soon turn. In these uncertain times, we at National Freight Logistics Inc. are doing our best to serve our customers with the best service possible. National Freight Logistics Inc is one of the leading third-party logistics (3PL) companies in the United States. We have the largest team of freight transportation services brokers, specializing in supply chain management. Furthermore, we deliver unique personalized solutions for your business. Contact National Freight Logistics Inc directly if you need assistance arranging your logistics shipments. We are always here to assist you with the best.


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