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Less Than Truckload freight shipping is one of the most convenient, prominent, reliable, and cost-effective methods to transport goods and materials of an organization from one place to the final destination. Though, it can be complex and confusing, if an unsuitable or inexperienced 3PL company is providing you services. In short, think of LTL as rideshare. Your freight will share specific space in the trailer with the other shipper, while the freight route to its final destination. If you are looking forward to experiencing smooth and easy freight shipping services through the medium of LTL shipping, then National Freight Logistics Inc is your place.


Why Use LTL (Less than truckLoad)?

LTL is generally used for loads that weigh 150 lbs. or more, is obviously larger than a parcel but lesser than a full truckload. Typically, LTL is palletized or created to lessen both prices and the risk of damages.


Comprehending the procedure better gives small business owners a perk and assists consolidate their shipping process, utilize their resources more productively, and is more effective because you are not paying for space that you don’t need.



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National Freight Logistics’ LTL Shipping Process

A common delusion is that your LTL freight shipment is basically picked up from point A and is dispatched to the final destination. However, in reality, the average LTL freight shipping process goes through at least six steps on a forklift and is transported on at least three varied trucks before it arrives at its destination. Here’s how that breaks down:


Pickup – To maximize capacity in the trailer, your shipment load is carried up by a locally operated truck that is also picking up several other LTL shipments. Your freight will then be taken to the nearest terminal.


Drop-off at Origination Terminal – The heavy-duty truck carrying your shipment arrives at a central terminal where your LTL shipment is removed from that truck, organized, and put onto a distinctive truck for shipping.


Long-haul Truck – Your shipment is then shifted onto this commercial truck for the long-haul to its destination location. Do not forget this truck shares its space with other LTL shipments from other organizations. Usually, this truck goes to another terminal, not the final destination location.


Drop-off at Destination Terminal – Once the long-haul truck arrives at the targeted terminal, your freight is yet again removed by forklift and prearranged into the right locally operated delivery truck.


Loading the Delivery Truck – The commercial truck that your shipment is loaded onto is reliant on your shipment. Cargo that needs a lift gate or is being delivered to limited access locations will be placed on trucks that serve those needs.


Final Delivery – Finally, Less Than Truckload Freight Is Delivered to Its Precise Destination

Comprehending the steps behind how your LTL freight moves assists you manage your expectations in terms of transport times. And as you can see, LTL freight normally takes longer than truckload for freight to reach your destination. Therefore, it’s vital to permit more time for your LTL freight to arrive at its final destination. Because of the prolonged process, it’s even more crucial to keep tracking your shipment and ensuring you can account for the uncertainties such as weather delays.


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