Why Choose Us?

Full truckload (FTL) transportation services- versatile and effective shipping with modern equipment

At the point when you’re in a predicament, don’t freeze!!

Why Choose Us?

Having 15+ Years of Experience in the Industry

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If your truckload dispatching technique faced progressing difficulties like limit deficiencies and missed client necessities, we’re here to make things simpler: Find trucks when you need them with a giant pool of verified, reliable and top-notch freight carriers. FTL services is a solid hold of ours and form part of the center contributions at the National Freight Logistics Inc., including start to finish multimodal transportation with loading services catered through the hired fleet for bulk goods movement. Options incorporate customized or particular armada for meeting clients’ specific prerequisite. 

As a full truckload service supplier, we can evaluate your business needs to coordinate with the best carriers that can oblige your shipment cut-off time in the most effective way imaginable.

We should be your cherry-pick since we provide:

At the point when you’re in a predicament, don’t freeze.

Regardless of whether you have full truckload shipments or less than truckload freight shipping a day, we have the administrations you need. Together we can adjust your truckload delivering needs with reliable procedures that hold up in any event when markets move.

National Freight Logistics Inc strives to provide more than just good service. A long-term relationship, the best value for your money, and most importantly, the assurance that your freight shipping needs will be met.

Full Truckload Freight Shipping with Added Value, Exceptional Quality, and Reliability

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When to use?

If you have verified that your shipment will fill the majority or all of a truck load, FTL shipments are your best choice.The average weight for FTL shipping is between 42,000 and 44,000 pounds.

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Reduced Risk

Our nationwide FTL direct delivery service ensures that the truck picking up your freight would directly deliver it to its destination. As a result, your cargo will not be handled twice, reducing the risk of damage.

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Safe on-time delivery

We have the expert truckload freight shipping resources to suit your freight needs, from flatbed to temperature controlled trucks, rest assured that your freight will be handled with care and delivered on-time.

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